Architecture and engineering firm



Our services


We offer architectural design, whereby we design various types projects. our experience covers the various types such as hospitals, commercial building, residentials and assembly building. Our approach is to design sustainable building and cost-efficient projects


We do structural design and civil engineering design, electrical engineering as well as mechanical engineering. We make sure that building structure and its services are well designed, for the purpose of sustainability and cost effective.

Interior design

We offer the design of interior of your house, we care about the relationship between exterior and interior. In our design comfort is our priority and we make sure that the comfort is highly achieved.

Supervision & Project management

We supervise and manage projects , our experience has blessed various projects in different countries across the continent, in CONGO, TOGO, BURUNDI, DRC and in RWANDA.


In Surveying, we do thorough land survey (soil survey), quantity survey whereby we deal with quantity analysis.